Phytocomplex «Gepar SUSTAV»



The phytocomplex "Gepar SUSTAV" is used for restoration of mobility of joints and a backbone.


The phytocomplex "Gepar SUSTAV" is a biologically active additive to food, a source of flavonoids, tannins and fructosans.

Indications: the phytocomplex is recommended as an additional means at complex treatment of osteoarthritis, including osteochondrosis (spondylosis), arthritises (reumathoid and gouty), for preventive maintenance of aggravation of the diseases stated above, and also, in small courses, at hereditary predisposition to them.

Basic effect:

  • Removes inflammation;
  • Reduces pain and hypostasis of joints;
  • Dissolves and deduces salts;
  • Normalizes metabolism;
  • Has an antiallergic effect.
Application of the phytocomplex "Gepar SUSTAV" allows to reduce dozes of toxic anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing medicamentous preparations.

Form of release:
- 60 filter bags of 0.8g;
- 180 capsules of 0.2g.

Recommendations for application:
pour 1 filter bag with 1/2 glasses of boiling water (100 ml), leave for 15 minutes. Adults take 100 ml of the herbal tea 3 times a day duting meal or 1 capsule 3 times a day, following with water during meal.

Length of treatment:
2 months. 1 pack of capsules or 3 packs of filter bags are required for a course.


Burdock roots (Arctium lappa radix);
Dandelion roots (Taraxacum officinale radix);
Potentilla (Comarum palustre herb).


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