Phytocomplex "GEPAR-GRATSIYA"



Phytocomplex "GEPAR-GRATSIYA" is a biologically active additive to food for people controlling their body weight.


Phytocomplex "GEPAR-GRATSIYA". A biologically active additive to food for people controlling their body weight Ц a source of caffeine, catechines and antrachinones.

The collection has a wide range of effects, the most important of which is a weight loss. An additional effect providing getting thin is an ability of the herbal powder to absorb and remove from the body fat acids containing in intestines.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor L.V.Pastushenkov


Form of production:
- capsules of 0.3 g є 90.

Recommendations for application:
Adults take 1 capsule 3 times a day, following with water during meal. The length of treatment is 3-4 weeks. 2 packs of capsules are required for a course.

an individual intolerance of the product ingredients, it is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women, at acute intestinal diseases, an inclination to a diarrhea. It is recommended to consult a doctor before application.



Maize fruits (Zea mays);
Dandelion roots (Taraxacum officinale);
Green tea leaves (Thea sinensis);
Senna leaves (Cassia Acutifolia);
Indian kidney tea leaves (Orthosiphon stamineus).

Maize fruits Ц have a diuretic and bile-expelling effect, reduce a cholesterol level in blood, have an anti-inflammatory and a styptic effect, improve a general state of health, have a moderately calming effect, reduce an appetite and body weight.

Dandelion medicinal Ц has anti-inflammatory, febrifugal, bile-expelling, expectorating, laxative, antiallergic, antisclerous, antihypoxic effects; raises a tone of an organism, improves digestion.

Green tea Ц normalizes metabolism (including a lipid one), has bile-expelling, activating breath, antiatherosclerotic, radioprotective, toning effects; has a stimulating influence on the central nervous system, strengthens a heart activity, increases intellectual and physical working capacity, strengthens vessels walls. Has an antimicrobial effect; stimulates removal of a superfluous liquid from an organism.

Senna leaves Ц is used as a laxative means, raises a motor function of intestines, especially of a thick one, has a bile-expelling effect.

Indian kidney tea leaves Ц has diuretic, uratolithic, desintoxication, bile-expelling, spasmolytic effects; has an antispastic effect on organs with smooth muscles; raises secretion of stomach glands.


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