Phytocomplex «Rastitelnyi (Herbal) IVAPIRIN»



The phytocomplex "Rastitelnyi (Herbal) IVAPIRIN" is used for preventive maintenance of thromboses at diseases of cardiovascular system and for prevention of heart attacks and insults.


Phytocomplex «Rastitelnyi (Herbal) IVAPIRIN» is a biologically active additive to food, a source of tannins.

Indications: preventive maintenance of thromboses (heart attacks and insults) at diseases of cardiovascular system, especially at bad tolerance of aspirin preparations.


  • Reduction of inflammatory processes;
  • Decrease of viscosity of blood;
  • Improvement of blood-groove.

White Willow Barkis a unique natural means possessing anti-inflammatory and anti-aggregant properties.

The bark of the white willow is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory, anesthetizing and febrifugal natural means. It has been used in a folk medicine since ancient times. And it was from the white willow that salicylic acid - a predecessor of modern aspirin – was educed in the end of the 19th century.It is also necessary to note such chemical components of the bark as flavonoids, tannic and resinous substances, organic acids and bitternesses.

The bark of the willow is rich in salicilates, which have anti-coagulating and blood diluting effects. That makes it indispensable at cardiovascular diseases. But unlike its synthetic analogue - acetyl-salicylic acid - it does not have an irritating effect. The reason is a natural complex of flavolignans and tannins protecting a mucous membrane of a stomach and increasing durability and elasticity of vessels.


Form of release:
- 90 capsules of 0.2g.

Method of application: adults take 1 – 2 capsules a day following with water during meals.


white willow bark (Salix alba cortex)












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