Articles about the phytocomplex GEPAR

"A Russian miracle by the name GEPAR - "Hepar", L. Y. Poddubskaya (psychotherapist)

"It's the time to expel stones", N.P.Akimov (gastroenterologist, Ph. M., senior lecturer)

"How to start the purification of an organism"

"A new look at the functioning principle of the phytocomplex "Gepar", L. V. Pastushenkov (Ph. M., Professor)

"The analysis of medical effects of the phytocomplex GEPAR"

"Bilious Ornaments"

"One for all"

"How GEPAR cures a dyskinesia of a biliary tract"

"For whom the bell tolls?"

"Using phytocomplex "Gepar" in women with a genital tuberculosis"

"Dynamics of sonographic parameters of a liver condition of a biliary tract on the background of a rational phytotherapy of a chronic cholecystitis

"About treatment and prophylactic methods of application of Phytocomplex Hepar' in a clinical practice of the family doctor"

"Dynamics of psychosomatic displays at a rational phytotherapy at the pathology of a biliary system using the phytocomplex "Gepar"

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