Pastushenkov Leonid Vasilievich

Doctor of Medical Sciences,

Colonel of medical service, phytotherapist


Leonid Vasilievich was born on 30 of March 1929 in the village Azarovka of Pochinkovskij district of Smolensk region. His father died early, and the family during a difficult post-war time moved closer to the uncle, to Kiev . In his youth Leonid Vasilievich wanted to be a journalist, even wrote some articles to the newspaper, but the time was difficult, and the family decided: It's not the time of journalism, and in 1946 seventeen-year-old Pastushenkov entered Military Medical School in Kiev . Having got a pharmaceutical education, he was sent for work to the German Democratic Republic by distribution where he worked in a regimental drugstore for 6 years. Having worked a stated term, Leonid Vasilievich went to his mother who tat time lived by at Kuban in Maikop. Here it met his future wife. Then Leonid Vasilievich became interested in pharmacology and graduated from Leningrad Military Medical Academy named by S.M.Kirov with a gold medal and stayed there to work in a new direction connected with a space medicine. Then there was an adjuncture at the pharmacological faculty of Military Medical Academy , and in 1960 Leonid Vasilievich defended his Doctor's thesis on pharmacological properties of gutimin. Then he worked in Saratov at the toxicological department of Military Medical Faculty for some time, and then he returned to Leningrad to work at the pharmacological faculty of Military Medical Academy . His work An increase of stability of an organism to overloads and a hypoxia by pharmacological means (L.V.Pastushenkov, Leningrad, 1963) formed a basis for a new scientific direction a pharmacology of antihypoxants and correctors of extreme conditions and was awarded the first premium at the contest of scientific works of the students and the doctors of Military Medical Academy named by S.M.Kirov. In 1978 L .V.Pastushenkov defended his Doctor's thesis on antihypoxants. In 1980 Leonid Vasilievich headed the

pharmacological faculty of Leningrad Chemistry -pharmaceutical I nstitute where he successfully taught and excitedly studied medicinal herbs for many years. Leonid Vasilievich was able to give importance to the problems which he put before his students. Under his direct management his students doctors and pharmacists defended 40 candidate and 6 doctor's thesises. He wrote 10 monographies which became reference books of doctors, students and phytotherapists. His inquisitive and critical mind, common sense and passion always involved adherents. Leonid Vasilievich's wife died very early, but the work gave him forces, helped to cope with the loss, and he was able to pass his love to a hard work of a scientist to the sons. Not by chance the surnames of Professor A.L.Pastushenkov and Professor A.L.Pastushenkov are placed on the backs of his books near his surname.

The theme of antihypoxants interested Leonid Vasilievich for a long time, since 1960. His aim was to find and to study antihypoxants to protect an organism against gravitational overloads, rigid overheating, extreme influences accompanied with the development of oxygen insufficiency in an organism, for the therapy of different pathological conditions with hypoxic elements in pathogenesis, and also as a corrector of antibiotics, sulfanylamid preparations and other chemotherapeutic means at their long appointment. Clinical tests of one of such preparations gutimin - (the author of the preparation L.V.Pastushenkov; the certificate of Pharmacological Committee of Ministry of Health Protection of the USSR to its approbation as an antihypoxic means 1965) showed its high efficiency at a massive blood loss, for the preventive maintenance and the treatment of a brain hypoxic hypostasis, for the protection of a myocardium at operations on an open heart, at an intra-uterine asfiction of a fetus. Under the influence of gutimin the efficiency of treatment considerably increased and the term of hospitalization of patients with a meningitis decreased. Another antihypoxic means trisan (A.L.Pastushenkov, 1987) surpasses gutimin on a psycho sedative, stress protection, analgesic, anti-arrhythmia effect.

During last ten years L.V.Pastushenkov actively studied the properties of medicinal herbs. Experimental data (L.V.Pastushenkov, E.E.Lesiovskaya, 1989) proved the theory that biologically active herbal substances interfere with bioenergetic processes and increase stability of an organism to a hypoxia. Here it is pertinently to quote an extract from the book by L.V.Pastushenkov and E.E.Lesiovskaya Antihypoxic herbs' (phytotherapy), (St. Petersburg, 1991): An organism of an elderly person is in the state of a tissue and complex hypoxia, and the application of antihypoxants is appointed to such patients regardless of a pathology of their internal organs. The preference in this case should be given to herbal preparations.

Phytocomplex Gepar' of 25 herbs was developed in Russia more than 50 years ago, drew Leonid Vasilievich's attention not by chance: it has an extraordinary wide spectrum of pharmacological effects, provides a fast recovery at very small dozes less than 40 mg per one herb The answer was simple: 80 % of herbs included in the complex have an antihypoxic effect! Leonid Vasilievich Pastushenkov appreciated the complex. (A new look at the functioning principle of the phytocomplex "Gepar")

During the last years of his life Leonid Vasilievich worked in our company.

Despite the age and the problems with health, Leonid Vasilievich never complained, we saw a joyful, cheerful and easy-going person. His knowledge and experience caused respect in all employees, and at corporate parties Leonid Vasilievich was always the soul of the company.

Under his management on the basis of herbal raw material a line of preparations was developed and produced in 2004. New phytocomplexes are based on traditional recipe formulas, the herbs are carefully selected, they are well combined with each other to avoid side effects.


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